History of CVR Traders

The History of CVR Traders is a tale of tryst with culinary excellence that spans over six decades.

The founder, Mr.V.C.Vinoth Kannan’s grandfather had started this business in a very small-scale level at his residence, approximately in the year 1915 for a livelihood. They were making appalam which dilate during frying, which was sold five to ten bundles a day with which they survived and later manufactured Appalam which expand nearly double the size ,which is having a self life for eight months without adding any preservative . Appalam is famous in Tamil Nadu, and it secured little income so Mr.Vinoth Kannan’s father engaged some workers and trained them for making Appalam.

The Visionary that Mr.Vinoth Kannan was, he saw the need for expansion of the business in terms of both space and volume, and established a proprietorship firm in 1997. His clairvoyance for the need for these Indian delicacies around the world made Best Appalam an international beacon-brand for Appalams, Papads, Poppadums!